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I really enjoy the new costumes Stuart Immonen designed for the time-displaced “All-New” X-Men. They look youthful, modern, unique, and unified without being rigidly uniformed. The one problem? Their teacher dresses like it’s 20 years ago. Uncool, teach!

Professor X, who once wrangled these 5 teens by barking orders with his mind, could wear whatever dour earth-tone cardigan he felt suited his mood in the morning because no one ever saw the guy standing next to his sharply-dressed X-men. Kitty Pryde is right on the front lines with the teens, fighting side by side with them, RUINING EVERY GROUP SHOT WITH HER TERRIBLE COSTUME. Kitty needs to step up to her new role in some new threads. 

SO, I’ve mocked up a new costume for her as if it were one of Immonen’s designs. Totally fun trying to mimic his sketch style. 

  • Since they each have individual touches, I kept some geometric hints of her classic costume design, but tried to match the look and feel of the costumes her students are wearing.
  • Her signature color is blue, but with Scott and Bobby already covering that end of the spectrum, she needed *gasp* a new base color. Why not purple? I think she can rock it. Kind of a nod to absent Lockheed :) 
  • A bit more padding than usual, since she seems to get knocked about fairly often lately.

What do you think, brianmichaelbendis? #newkittycostume

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MARVEL a-z challenge: k

kitty pryde

I love the ethereal skirt-cape!

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an only-slightly-overdue commission of Kitty Pryde, Warlock and Rahne Sinclair from marvel comix for Ereka/@nobiliorpomis! i’ve ever read the x-men comics so I hope i did them justice ouo;;

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Kitty Pryde doodle/redesign. Miss the ol’ Excalibur look. 

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Savage Wolverine #12 (writ. Phil Jimenez & Scott Lope, art. Phil Jimenez)

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[Uncanny v1 #155]

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[Uncanny X-Men v1 #168]


I’m really glad they didn’t abbreviate.

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Kitty, what is your outfit? It’s terrible. (by Terry Austin)

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